Compare drysuits from three popular brands: DUI, SANTI, and MODS

Certainly, let's compare drysuits from three popular brands: DUI, SANTI, and MODS. Each of these brands is known for its high-quality drysuits, but they often have different features and characteristics that cater to specific needs and preferences of divers.

DUI Drysuits:

Diving Unlimited International (DUI) is a well-established brand known for its innovative drysuit designs and focus on customization. DUI drysuits are often praised for their comfort, durability, and versatility. Some key features of DUI drysuits include:

  1. Customization: DUI is known for offering a high level of customization. They provide a wide range of options for materials, seals, pockets, and other features, allowing divers to tailor the suit to their specific needs.

  2. Zipper Placement: DUI drysuits typically feature a diagonal front zipper, which can be more comfortable for some divers and allows for easier self-donning.

  3. Warmth: DUI drysuits often come with features like insulation and undergarments to provide enhanced thermal protection, making them suitable for cold-water diving.

SANTI Drysuits:

SANTI is a Polish brand known for its technical and cave diving-oriented drysuits. SANTI drysuits are praised for their durability, specialized features, and attention to detail. Some key features of SANTI drysuits include:

  1. Technical Focus: SANTI specializes in technical diving drysuits, which means their suits often have features tailored for advanced diving scenarios, like extra reinforcement, advanced thermal protection, and streamlined design.

  2. Front Zipper Options: SANTI offers both front-entry and back-entry drysuits, catering to divers who have preferences for different zipper placements.

  3. Advanced Materials: SANTI is known for using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to create drysuits that withstand the demands of technical and cave diving environments.

MODS Drysuits:

MODS is a relatively newer brand that has gained attention for its modular drysuit design, adaptability, and technological innovations. Some key features of MODS drysuits include:

  1. Modular Design: The standout feature of MODS drysuits is their modular design, allowing divers to easily switch out seals, pockets, and other components to suit different diving conditions.

  2. Adaptability: MODS drysuits are designed to be highly adaptable, catering to a wide range of diving scenarios without the need for purchasing multiple suits.

  3. Integrated Technology: MODS drysuits often include integrated heating technology and other advanced features to enhance diver comfort and safety.


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