Compare drysuits from three popular brands: DUI, SANTI, and MODS


  1. DUI (Diving Unlimited International):

    • Features:
      • Popular DUI models may include features like the patented ZipSeals, allowing for quick and convenient wrist and neck seal replacements.
      • DUI offers a variety of drysuit styles.
      • Some DUI drysuits may have customizable options, such as the choice of overlay colors and various customizable options but The DUI custom-made drysuit is currently priced as the highest in the market.
  2. SANTI:

    • Features:
      • SANTI is known for its use of innovative technologies, such as the SmartSeals system, allowing for easy seal replacement without the need for gluing.
      • SANTI drysuits may come with integrated pockets, reinforced knee pads, and various customizable options.
      • SANTI drysuits focus on their unique design by incorporating external seams protected by sealing tape and utilizing partially Trilaminate fabric. However, this design choice may result in potential drawbacks, such as the occurrence of water leakage in areas that are not made with Trilaminate material.
  3. MODS:

    • Features:
      • Dive into a world of personalization with MODS' Limitless Customization Options. Choose from a vibrant array of colors, premium materials, and accessories to curate a drysuit that not only suits your preferences but also reflects your individual style.
      • MODS dry glove ring system you can put on or take off the glove with a quick turn. With integrated Si-Tech seals, you can go with or without the dry gloves allowing for neoprene gloves.
      • Crafted with precision, MODS Drysuit features advanced trilaminate construction, fortified by a 4-Layer Urethane Seam Coating (Internal Aqua-Seal). This combination provides exceptional durability, shielding divers from wear and tear in the most challenging underwater environments.
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