With a team of skilled technicians and a commitment to quality workmanship, we specialize in addressing issues like tears, damaged seals, and zipper problems, restoring your drysuit to peak performance.

 Welcome to Mods Drysuit Repair Services, your trusted partner for keeping your drysuit in top-notch condition. At Mods Drysuit, we understand the importance of a reliable and watertight drysuit for your diving adventures. Whether you're a recreational diver, a professional, or an enthusiast exploring the underwater world, we're here to ensure that your drysuit remains in perfect working order.

 Our dedicated team of experienced technicians specializes in the repair and maintenance of drysuits, with a commitment to delivering quality workmanship and unmatched expertise. We know that your drysuit is more than just gear; it's your lifeline to the underwater realm. That's why we take every repair seriously, ensuring that your drysuit is restored to its original performance standards.

 With Mods Drysuit Repair Services, you can trust that your equipment is in capable hands. Whether you've encountered minor wear and tear, zipper issues, damaged seals, or any other drysuit-related concerns, we have the skills and resources to address them promptly and professionally.

 Our mission is simple: to help you extend the lifespan of your drysuit, enhance your safety, and provide peace of mind for your underwater adventures. When you choose Mods Drysuit Repair Services, you're choosing a partner committed to excellence, quality, and the preservation of your diving experiences.

 Thank you for considering Mods Drysuit Repair Services. We look forward to serving you and ensuring that your drysuit is ready to take you on your next unforgettable underwater journey. Dive in with confidence, knowing that Mods Drysuit Repair Services has got your back.

Simple steps to booking in your suit

1. Online Assessment:

  • Fill out an online repair form where you'll describe the issue with your drysuit. Include details such as the type of damage, its location, and any specific concerns you have.
  • 2. Consultation and Estimate:

  • Our experienced technicians will review your assessment and contact you to discuss the repair details.
  • We'll provide you with a cost estimate based on the required repairs, along with a timeline for completion.
  • 3. Ship and Repair:

  • If you agree to the estimate, you can then safely ship your drysuit to our repair facility using the provided instructions.
  • Once we receive your drysuit, our skilled technicians will perform the necessary repairs, ensuring that your suit is restored to its optimal condition.
  • After the repairs are completed, we'll conduct a thorough inspection to guarantee the quality of our work.
  • Your drysuit will be promptly returned to you, ready to accompany you on your next diving adventure.

 With Mods Drysuit Repair, the process is seamless, and you can trust us to handle your drysuit with the utmost care and expertise, no matter where you are in the world.

If you're purchasing a drysuit from Mods Drysuit, rest assured that we offer a range of customization options to make your suit uniquely yours. You can personalize elements such as the neck, wrists, socks, or boots, and even add features like pockets, reflective panels, or Kevlar® reinforcement in high-wear areas, tailoring the suit to meet your specific needs.

NECK SEAL Si-Tech Flexible Silicone Neck Sealing Set$330
Si-Tech Silicone$60
WRIST RING SYSTEMThird party productsASK
WRIST SEALSi-Tech Silicone$45
VALVESi-Tech Shell Inflation Valve$120
VALVESi-Tech Slide Inflation Valve$120
VALVESi-Tech Argo Exhaust Valve$120
VALVEThird party productsASK
WATERPROOF ZIPPERBDM Metal Waterproof Zipper$350
WATERPROOF ZIPPERT-ZIP Waterproof Zipper$320
OUTER ZIPPERYKK Closed Zipper$170
BOOTSMODS Integrated Boots$300
BOOTSNeoprene Socks$250
IN -WATER LEAK TESTThis fee is the repair of up to 6 minor punctures and/ or seam leaks.$120
KEVLAR KNEEPADSKevlar Kneepads$150
KEVLAR BUTTPADKevlar Buttpad$180
KEVLAR ELBOWKevlar Elbows$150
CONVENIENCE ZIPBDM Metal Relief zipper$290
CONVENIENCE ZIPT-ZIP Relief zipper$270