How do you go to the bathroom in a dry suit?

Going to the bathroom while wearing a drysuit can be a bit more complex compared to a wetsuit or regular clothing. Here are the general steps and options for addressing this issue while diving in a drysuit:

1. Pre-Dive Considerations:

  • Empty your bladder before putting on the drysuit. This can help reduce the need to use the bathroom during the dive.

2. Choose the Right Timing:

  • Plan your dive and fluid intake in a way that minimizes the likelihood of needing to use the bathroom during the dive.

3. Drysuit Relief Valve (DRV):

  • Some drysuits are equipped with a drysuit relief valve, also known as a "pee valve." This valve allows you to relieve yourself without flooding the suit with water. It's connected to a tube that vents to the outside of the suit.

4. Surface Interval:

  • If you're at the surface or on the boat during a surface interval, you can remove your drysuit and use the facilities as needed.

5. Emergency Situations:

  • In emergency situations, divers might have to use the suit itself. However, this should be a last resort and is generally discouraged as it can be unhygienic and uncomfortable.

6. Practice:

  • If your drysuit has a relief valve, practice using it in a controlled environment before attempting to use it during a dive. This will help you become familiar with the process.

It's important to note that using a drysuit relief valve requires practice and coordination, especially while underwater. Improper use can lead to leaks, flooding, and discomfort. If you're unsure about using a relief valve, consult with experienced divers or professionals for guidance.

Keep in mind that proper planning, hydration management, and using the bathroom before the dive can help minimize the need to address this issue while underwater. If you're planning a dive with a drysuit, discuss these considerations with your dive buddies and ensure you're all aware of the best practices.

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