Mods dry glove ring system

A dry glove ring system is a specialized accessory used with drysuits to provide a watertight seal around the wrist area while allowing the diver to wear separate dry gloves. This system is particularly useful for cold-water diving, as it helps maintain warmth and dexterity in the hands while keeping them dry. Here's how a dry glove ring system works and why it's beneficial:

Components of a Dry Glove Ring System: A dry glove ring system typically consists of the following components:

  1. Glove Rings: These are specialized rings or cuffs that are attached to the wrist area of the drysuit. They create a secure and watertight seal when combined with the proper gloves.

  2. Dry Gloves: Dry gloves are separate gloves that are designed to attach to the glove rings. These gloves are often insulated and sealed to prevent water from entering, allowing the diver's hands to stay dry and warm.

How the Dry Glove Ring System Works: The dry glove ring system works by providing a barrier between the diver's hands and the water while maintaining the integrity of the drysuit's wrist seals. Here's how the system operates:

  1. Installation: The glove rings are typically attached to the wrist area of the drysuit using adhesive or other secure methods. The rings have a unique design that allows them to create a seal even when the gloves are disconnected.

  2. Glove Attachment: The dry gloves are equipped with a corresponding ring that matches the drysuit's glove rings. These rings are designed to fit into the drysuit's glove rings, creating a secure and watertight seal.

  3. Sealing Mechanism: When the dry gloves are attached to the glove rings, they create a seal that prevents water from entering the drysuit. This keeps the diver's hands dry and insulated, even in cold water.

  4. Dexterity: The dry glove system allows divers to maintain dexterity and use their hands effectively while keeping them warm. This is especially important for tasks like equipment manipulation, communication, and underwater activities.

Benefits of a Dry Glove Ring System: The dry glove ring system offers several benefits for cold-water divers:

  1. Warmth: The system keeps the diver's hands dry, preventing cold water from contacting the skin and helping to maintain warmth even in frigid water temperatures.

  2. Dexterity: Dry gloves provide better dexterity compared to thicker wet gloves, allowing for more precise movements and tasks underwater.

  3. Comfort: Dry hands contribute to overall comfort during the dive, enhancing the diving experience in challenging conditions.

  4. Versatility: The system can be used with different types of dry gloves, allowing divers to choose gloves that suit their preferences and needs.

  5. Longer Diving Times: With warmer and more comfortable hands, divers can extend their bottom times and enjoy longer dives in cold water.


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