What's the recommended way to don and doff a drysuit?

Donning (putting on) and doffing (taking off) a drysuit correctly is important to ensure a proper seal, prevent damage to the suit, and ensure your comfort while diving. Here's the recommended procedure for both donning and doffing a drysuit:

Donning a Drysuit:

  1. Prepare Undergarments: Put on the appropriate undergarments for the water temperature. These can include thermal layers, socks, and insulating garments.

  2. Inspect Seals: Ensure that the neck, wrist, and ankle seals are in good condition and properly aligned.

  3. Prepare Feet: If you're wearing separate thermal socks, put them on first. Ensure that any socks are properly aligned with your feet.

  4. Insert Arms: Insert your arms into the sleeves of the drysuit. Be careful not to stress the seals.

  5. Step In: Step into the legs of the drysuit one at a time, making sure the drysuit is aligned properly.

  6. Adjust Crotch and Torso: Pull up the drysuit and adjust the crotch area for comfort. Make sure the suit isn't too tight in the groin area.

  7. Seal the Neck: Gently stretch the neck seal and pull it over your head. Use a lubricant specifically designed for drysuit seals if needed. The seal should fit snugly but not constrictively.

  8. Seal the Wrists: Stretch and pull the wrist seals over your hands one at a time. Ensure they are snug but comfortable.

  9. Zip Up: If the drysuit has a front or back zipper, zip it up carefully, making sure the zipper is aligned properly and there are no wrinkles or folds in the fabric.

  10. Inflate the Suit: If you're using a drysuit with an inflator valve, add a small amount of air to the suit to make it easier to move. Be cautious not to overinflate.

Doffing a Drysuit:

  1. Deflate the Suit: If you've inflated the suit, release the excess air using the exhaust valve. This will make it easier to remove.

  2. Unzip: If the drysuit has a zipper, unzip it carefully. If there's a zipper cover, open it first.

  3. Remove Seals: Carefully remove the wrist seals first, gently rolling them down over your hands. Then remove the neck seal by gently stretching and pulling it over your head.

  4. Step Out: Step out of the legs of the drysuit one at a time, making sure not to damage the suit.

  5. Remove Arms: Remove your arms from the sleeves of the drysuit.

  6. Carefully Fold or Hang: Fold the drysuit carefully along its natural creases or hang it on a padded hanger for storage.

  7. Rinse and Dry: Rinse the drysuit with freshwater to remove salt and debris. Hang it in a well-ventilated area to dry completely before storing.


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