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MODS Dry Glove Ring System

MODS Dry Glove Ring System

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-Outer diameter: 119 mm
-Inner diameter: 90 mm
-High-End Polyurethane (PU) ring , Cylindrical PU Rings

  • BLACK -Nitrile
  • RED -Silicone

-Tool for Ring System
-Watertight Seal, Flexibility, Durability

Note! Gloves & Wrist Seals  not included!

Key Features:

High-End Polyurethane (PU) Material:

  • The wrist ring material used in our system is crafted from high-quality polyurethane. PU is known for its exceptional durability, flexibility, and resistance to environmental factors, making it ideal for underwater applications.

Cylindrical PU Rings:

  • The PU material is meticulously cut and processed into cylindrical rings that serve as the foundation for our dry glove attachment system. These rings offer the following advantages:
    • Watertight Seal: The cylindrical shape ensures a snug and watertight fit, preventing water from entering the gloves.
    • Flexibility: PU's natural flexibility allows for easy attachment and detachment of dry gloves, even in challenging underwater conditions.
    • Durability: PU is highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of the glove attachment system.

Modular Design:

  • You can easily switch between different glove sizes or types, providing versatility for various diving scenarios.
  • It's super simple and is by far one of the easiest dry glove mods to install.
  • With Mods dry glove ring system you can put on or take off the glove with a quick turn. With integrated Si-Tech seals, you can go with or without the dry gloves allowing for neoprene gloves. The system allows for an easy fast and easy change of wrist seals and different gloves that can be mounted into the ring system.


*California residents please click here  for Proposition 65 WARNING

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